Making Mistakes in Relationships


In every relationship, people make mistakes, big and small. Taking their relation for granted, while not paying heed to their everyday behavior, habits, attitude, language, communication; the list goes on.

And then they make the same mistakes again.

If you are deliberately doing so, if you do not value the relationship, if you are already over it and if you rather wish to spoil it further so that you can take a decision, then by all means make mistakes.

If not, watch out for those little slips and blunders that may seem unimportant to you, but not to others.

Pay attention if your partner complains that they are not happy with…whatever mistake you previously made. Also, try not to repeat it.

Other than this, if you have a partner who tries hard but does not seem to be able to improve upon his/her mistakes…give them time if you feel right about it, but at the same time you also try to check your own faults, your taunts and retaliatory behavior.
Because two wrongs do not make a right. Simultaneous abusing becomes a fight. Everyday fights add up and leave no space for love and warmth.

Stay happy and blessed!

Written by the Editor and Author of WeW

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