Real Women

Dark or fair Tall or short Lanky or pleasantly plump Apple-shaped or pear-shaped Blondes or brunettes Black haired or bald Home-makers or working outside Mothers or the mothered Young or mature In all shapes and forms We are real women WeW

Exercise or Accessorize?

Exercise and Accessorize Most women do need to indulge in both, in varying degrees, from time to time. Both enhance our appearance – one being health-giving, the other an add-on charm Both have to be done in moderation. Each woman sooner or later discovers what this right amount is. You too can assess now :-…


Look Good for Your Age

Looks are not more important than our character and integrity, but good appearance often goes hand in hand with good health, good moods and happiness. Looking good thus becomes, in a way, important as it always adds to our confidence. ‘Good’ here also means to be clean, smart and pleasing to the eyes. Possibly youth with…