Real Women

Dark or fair Tall or short Lanky or pleasantly plump Apple-shaped or pear-shaped Blondes or brunettes Black haired or bald Home-makers or working outside Mothers or the mothered Young or mature In all shapes and forms We are real women WeW

Lingo of Rulers and Leaders

US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a subject of discussion, and not just for the right reasons. Whether she is a right candidate or not is a debatable issue but her nomination is something many women are proud of. But let’s not forget what happens when women seek positions of authority. They are targeted in…

Getting aware of being a girl-woman

Here’s a post that caught my attention. A girl, a very young woman Caitlin trying to understand being a woman, while thinking about related issues of feminism and gender equality. Enjoy her pictures that she refers to as sick but we found them cute! Read her post at:  Some sick photos and my life story She…

Layered Between Layers – Making Life Easy

Upon seeing the writing prompt ‘Layers’ on The Daily Post section of Word Press, a phrase instantly came into my mind “Do you want layers?” Anytime I go to any hair-dresser, there’s a usual long and lazy wait in the salon’s waiting section, and many a magazine-pages-turns later, when I finally get to occupy a…

Happy Gardens, Happy Children

A man’s children and his garden Both reflect the amount of weeding done During growing season But… Not to worry. No one is perfect. Try your best… To raise wonderful gardens And even better children. That’s all that matters. WeW