Trump Sings the Groping Blues

Originally posted on Election Dejection 2016:
Why all of this fuss and moping! Over a tiny bit of groping!? Don’t look at me, look at Bill! Everyone grabs women against their will!? It’s not like it’s some sort of crime – (You don’t say!? It is? Um, look at the time…) Well no one respects women…


Why Women Do Not Need Driver’s Licence

I read this joke somewhere: “Why women do not need a driver’s licence? Because there are no roads between the laundry room and the kitchen!” Now, how funny is that! To define our roles for us and then laugh at the role they gave us. They…the cavemen decided that cave-women are better off living indoors…

In the Name of Brunette Lady

(a poem written for World Chocolate Day) Matters not if you are plain Dark and wild Or super soft Milky, fit for a child Or else a Crunchie, chock-full of almonds Or layered in peanuts, hazelnuts and raisins Or a smooth Carmello wi…(read source) Source: In the Name of Brunette Lady