Tasting what women go through #Harrassment

When this man got a makeover and dressed up like a woman…he was treated like one.

He got a taste of what many women often go through on social media – harassment and humiliation. Not always but often.  And mind it, how many young women are so meek that they never tell their parents? How many of them actually fall in the trap, are abused and still no one knows!! Psychological problems and loss of self-esteem follows, that has an impact on their whole life.
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Fake Tinder Profile To See The Hell Women Really Go Through



2 thoughts on “Tasting what women go through #Harrassment

  1. What a post! Yes that’s so true. Women do get indecent messages on social media for no fault of theirs. Though I am not on most social media apps, I have heard a lot about these issues and that’s one of the reasons I decided to stay away. Sometimes I feel that the good old world of calling one another to say hi and meeting over for dinner when you are genuinely interested seems nicer to me. However, it is an important issue that much be brought to notice! I am glad Sy did what he did and more men must do the same to understand the women’s side of it all. And that should also open their eyes about how they should treat the women in their own lives.

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    • Yes, there are issues on social media. It’s better not to avoid but be wise and cautious. Good old personal socializing definitely had no match. What Sy did is an eye-opener for what girls in their own family might be going through. A lesson there.
      Thanks for sharing your views!

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