Look Good for Your Age

Looks are not more important than our character and integrity, but good appearance often goes hand in hand with good health, good moods and happiness.

Looking good thus becomes, in a way, important as it always adds to our confidence. ‘Good’ here also means to be clean, smart and pleasing to the eyes. Possibly youth with all its positive physical assets may not always possess these traits as much an older person does.

We should aspire to look good for our age – to be healthy, graceful, charming, happy and friendly – that will do. Your face will radiate warmth! Of course being pleasantly dressed and lightly fragrant is a bonus.





6 thoughts on “Look Good for Your Age

  1. From a fat kid to a fairly good-looking adult, I had quite a journey! But looking good does add confidence to the demeanor. However, that isn’t the end. It is probably more important to feel good, to feel like you are wanted and beautiful! I read somewhere… “Girls want to be thin, women want to be strong!”

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    • Exactly so. Looks are much more than outer looks. At the same time, sometimes women neglect themselves too much and that itself causes depression for they end up comparing themselves to those women who care too much for their looks. Hence I stressed the importance of looking “clean, smart and pleasing” while focusing on traits like “graceful, charming, happy and friendly”. A positive and happy outlook can make us seem beautiful while changing the perception in the eyes of others.

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