Exercise or Accessorize?


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Exercise and Accessorize

Most women do need to indulge in both, in varying degrees, from time to time.

Both enhance our appearance – one being health-giving, the other an add-on charm

Both have to be done in moderation.

Each woman sooner or later discovers what this right amount is.

You too can assess now :-

What body parts do I specifically need to exercise?
What exercise/s are best for my current needs, what for long run?

How much of these do I need?
What tools, resources, institutes can help me do this exercise?

What accessories do I need the most, and for what occasion/s?
How many of each type do I need, for optimum benefit?
What accessory best suits me as per my age, face and complexion?
Check your dresser/wardrobe for existing jewelry, scarves, gloves etc etc

Do these check-ups from time to time to keep your life up-to-date.





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