Getting aware of being a girl-woman

Here’s a post that caught my attention. A girl, a very young woman Caitlin trying to understand being a woman, while thinking about related issues of feminism and gender equality.

Enjoy her pictures that she refers to as sick but we found them cute!
Read her post at:  Some sick photos and my life story

She is aware though that there are issues in our society about gender roles, about loving Barbies and liking pink color, or being not so good at math. Caitlin writes:

And then I took a look around me, and a look at my life. Gender roles had been hammered into my mind since birth. Sure, I loved princesses and Barbies, but I loved Legos and Star Wars too. My love for Star Wars and Pokémon was apparently so rare “for a girl” that I got looks of disbelief from my male peers. My love for princesses and the color pink was made fun of because it was “too girly.”

I thoroughly convinced myself that I wasn’t good at math (an insecurity that persists to this day), and constantly criticized my body in the mirror. A strict dress code was enforced at my middle school, but it only applied to girls. Once, a friend of mine was pulled out of testing because she wore a sheer shirt with a tank top underneath.


But she comes to terms with it all, while embracing her identity as a girl:

Here’s to refusing to accept your apparent incapabilities as a math student. Here’s to loving your body, despite the corporations and media that want you to hate it so, so badly. Here’s to embracing pink and your identity as a girl. As the legendary feminist icon Beyoncé once said, who runs this world? Girls.

Don’t forget Caitlin is only fifteen. And she has a voice and awareness that she will carry into her womanhood.

If you look around you too can sense how some girls feel confused about gender issues. Try to help them find an answer if you can!



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