Why Women Do Not Need Driver’s Licence

I read this joke somewhere:

“Why women do not need a driver’s licence?

Because there are no roads between the laundry room and the kitchen!”

Now, how funny is that! To define our roles for us and then laugh at the role they gave us.

They…the cavemen decided that cave-women are better off living indoors while they should go out to hunt. Agree, nature has bestowed men with greater physical prowess. Yes, nature has also made women’s body a shrine for motherhood. And since babies and children stay at home during their initial years, therefore it does suit our families that women be home-oriented till their children are a bit grown up. Moreover, most men do not like to do petty work like changing nappies, cleaning, cooking, washing dirty laundry etc…

But think of it! Every woman has a womb. But then women also have a brain. Women need to go out. Women need a license. The earlier they get it, the better it is so that they get confident as soon as possible. When it is left for too long, that is where they lose confidence in themselves. Even after they get it, they are made to feel as if it was not meant for them but it happened.

Due to ancient stereotypical conditioning of their minds, women themselves too end up feeling that driving is something technical and mechanical, hence better suited for men. In some countries women are not allowed to drive. Total ban. So count your blessings if you are allowed to drive. But then again, women drive under pressure. They often hesitate to drive beyond a certain area.

Another stale joke:

A woman is driving for the 1st time on a highway. Her husband calls and says:- “Be careful love, it’s just been on the radio that someone is driving the wrong way on the highway”….

She replies:- “Someone..?” “These idiots are in hundreds”.

And does the following joke highlight some of the talents inherent in us wonder women? After all, we are known to be multitaskers! Now, that was just some positive thinking on my part, otherwise these jokes are not always pleasant.

But if such jokes add to this world’s happiness, so be it. Women are anyway good at making others happy while sacrificing their own interests.  Moreover, jokes are jokes. Women need not take them seriously.

Seriously speaking, modern women drive trucks, tractors, utes, planes and what not. We at WeW will bring up some information on that later. Till then, happy and safe driving!

Women do need a driver’s licence.



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