Lingo of Rulers and Leaders

US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a subject of discussion, and not just for the right reasons.

Whether she is a right candidate or not is a debatable issue but her nomination is something many women are proud of. But let’s not forget what happens when women seek positions of authority. They are targeted in a clumsy way.


As reported by Sydney Morning Herald,”At the Republican Convention last week, attendees had the chance to wear their sexist derision for Hillary Clinton with pride. Just outside, hawkers sold T-shirts emblazoned with “Trump vs Tramp”, bumper stickers proclaiming “Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one,” and the badges printed with “KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts, one left wing.

And similar, almost same joke was made at the expense of Australia’s first female prime minister Julia Gillard, says the newspaper.

“Almost same “joke” was made at the expense of Australia’s first female prime minister in a menu at a fundraiser for Liberal MP Mal Brough:
Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs & A Big Red Box”.

Sexism is a part of the Hillary Clinton story too. There are really vulgar comments, like the badges.

How obscene is Donald Trump retweeting (then deleting) comments like “if Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

There is less obvious stuff coming from both political foes and commentators, that is finding its way into the mainstream discourse.

“There’s the unending obsession with her demeanour – she shouts too much, according to Trump, she doesn’t smile enough, according to at least one prominent TV host.”, reports SMH. “With Clinton as the Democratic nominee, attitudes about gender are shaping her campaign and coverage…”

But will this type of language continue to be used if she wins presidency? It’s a different issue that politicians are thick-skinned and they can bear anything.

Whether she wins the shrewd game of politics or not, as per us at WeW, Women’s war on gender inequality is still a long way to go. Even if everything is fair in love and war, is it a right language to be used in any context?

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3 thoughts on “Lingo of Rulers and Leaders

  1. I have a horrible feeling that the US election campaign is going to get much nastier even than this. Two candidates with pasts sufficiently chequered to provide their opponents with plenty of ammunition, and a megalomaniac who has offered to pay legal fees for any of his supporters who do physical harm to those who disagree with him. Not a good starting point, is it!

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    • Your comment went unnoticed due to some technical glitch. Please accept our apologies.

      It has been runny nasty and opting between two equally bad choices leaves the masses nowhere. We particularly couldn’t help noticing the level to which politicians can stoop in their language and that too in a highly developed world. Hope some good comes out of it all.

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